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I love my job serving guests as a tour guide! Even as a student, it was my dream to become a tour guide and meet new people with whom I can share the fascinating culture and history of my hometown.

I primarily guide private tours in Istanbul. On my private guided Istanbul tours I meet different people from all over the world and learn about their unique cultures every day. One of my favorite things about being a tour guide in Istanbul  is walking with my guests around the city and offering them a personal perspective of this marvelous culture.

Istanbul has an incomparable atmosphere that is full of contradictions. It is a 15-million metropolis, yet incredibly quiet in many places. It can be unusually exotic and surprisingly modern at the same time.

Istanbul, Constantinople and Byzantion... The many names of this city is a reflection of it's many faces. As the only city in the world that located on two continents, Istanbul is not only a geographical borderline between Europe and Asia, but also a melting pot of cultures and religions.

I was born and raised in this historical city. I graduated from high school in Istanbul and than got my Bachelor of Education degree from Istanbul University. After finishing one year of an intense training program, I was certified as an official Istanbul tour guide by the Turkish Ministry of Culture & Tourism in 1988.

I have begun working as a licensed Istanbul tour guide in 1988 and have been working for 36 years with great passion ever since. I’m quite fluent in English & German and with the experience that all those years have given me, I will make sure the time you will spend in Istanbul, will be well worth. It would be my pleasure to share the stories of this historical city I grew in to.

I'll be looking forward to meeting you.

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Ceyhan Tunçöz
Your private tour guide in Istanbul (Englisch & German)

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Latest Tour Reviews

Istanbul Tour / Nov. 2019

Hello Ceyhan, thank you for your excellent tour through Istanbul. You accompanied us as if you show and explain your hometown to a good friend of yours. We would like to thank you again very much.

It will remain as an unforgettable Istanbul travel experience for us. Of course we will share our good experience with everyone who is planning to visit Istanbul and looking for an excellent Istanbul tour guide.

Istanbul Tour / Feb. 2020

Dear Ceyhan, thank you very much for the wonderful day in Istanbul. We have visited many beautiful historical places together and were happy to follow your exciting descriptions as an expert.

The tour was well organized and your suggestions were very valuable for us. Thanks to your help, we never had to queue at the ticket counters and were able to save a lot of time.

Thanks again, the day was a real highlight and we will remember it forever!

Istanbul Tour / Mar. 2020

Hi Ceyhan, thank you very much for the wonderful tour in Istanbul. We enjoyed the hours and thank you for the great impressions you gave us for the highlights of Istanbul, and especially for "your places" off the beaten path.

Suggestions you gave us for the following days were also very helpful.

We will definitely come back to Istanbul again and hope you will have time for us.